Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival

September 18-21, 2014

2014 Special Guests

Bunky Echo-Hawk

Bunky Echo-Hawk is a multi-talented artist whose work spans both media and lifestyle. A graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts, he is a fine artist, graphic designer, photographer, writer and a non-profit professional. Bunky is a traditional singer and dancer of the Pawnee Nation and an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation.

In addition to having a booth in the Fine Arts Market, Bunky will do a live painting at the festival on September 18. Contact Lori Pannell at 918-397-2125 or coordinator@okindiansummer.org for tickets.

Bunky Echo-Hawk




The Apsaalooke American Indian, Christian Parrish, hails from the Crow Nation Reservation near Billings, Montana, and on March 21, the MTV Iggy blog named him Artist of the Week from among hundreds of competitors.

Rapping under the name “SupaMan”, Christian sings, makes crazy drum loops, and is a champion powwow fancy dancer.


For over 12 years, the American Indian DJ from Red Rock, OK (near the Otoe-Missouria Tribal Reservation) known as Olywurld (Oliver Plumley) has continuously brought together American Indian songs and dances with Electronic Dance Music.

When traveling between each sub-genre of House music and beyond, Oly brings his tribal heritage, quick mixing, and rising energy to any crowd.



Come have one of Monie’s Indian Tacos at the festival this year!

Monie Horsechief, 2 time National Indian Taco Champion (2009 & 2012) is setting up shop at Oklahoma Indian Summer this year.  We are thrilled to have her!

Bill Kurtis

2014 Honorary Co-Chairs

Bill Kurtis

An acclaimed documentary host and producer, network and major market news anchor, and multimedia production company president, Bill Kurtis is celebrating his fortieth anniversary in the field of broadcasting. Over the years, Kurtis has created a body of work that is virtually unparalleled.

He is a published author and a member of the board of directors of several distinguished organizations including The Nature Conservancy, the National Park Foundation, and the Field Museum of Chicago.

He will be the honorary chair at the 2014 Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival alongside his daughter, Mary Kristin Kurtis.

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Mary Kristin Kurtis

Mary Kristin was born in Chicago.  As a teen, she and her brother visited their grandparent’s farm in Kansas during the summers. She spent 20 years in San Francisco in the construction business.  She worked as a building permit expediter.

Through a series of events, she and her partner, David Parsons, moved to Sedan to take over management of her father’s ranch.

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Mary Kristin Kurtis


2014 Opening Band


Indigenous front man, Mato Nanji, was born and raised on the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. Mato’s father, the late Greg Zephier, Sr., was a well-known and highly respected spiritual advisor and spokesperson for the International Indian Treaty Council.

Mato embraced and began utilizing his musical talent at a young age. With the experience, love and wisdom of their father to guide them, Mato, his brother, sister and cousin formed the band Indigenous while in their late teens.

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Upcoming Events


When two organizations can join forces to create a musical experience…life is good! This will happen September 19 when the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra and OIS join forces to present the BSO concert “Fables and Fairytales” to area 5th graders. One of the pieces the BSO presents is “Spider Brings Fire” by Jerod Tate. It is a musical interpretation of the book by Chickasaw author, Linda Hogan. We are soooo excited to be collaborating with the BSO!

Mission Statement

The purpose of Oklahoma Indian Summer, Inc. is to sponsor, coordinate and present traditional Native American cultural public events for the benefit of community education, cultural preservation and the development of positive multicultural community relations.

Additionally, Oklahoma Indian Summer, Inc. is further committed to sponsoring higher-education opportunities for Native American students.

In particular Oklahoma Indian Summer, Inc. shall continue to sponsor and coordinate the annual Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival traditionally held in the city of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The goal of the Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival is to provide a free public  festival showcasing Native American art, dance, demonstrations, workshops and interactions intended to encourage the participation of all cultures and bridge the cultural divide.


As an intertribal festival, Oklahoma Indian Summer welcomes each of the more than 28 federally recognized nations, tribes, bands and townships headquartered in the state of Oklahoma.

Since 1988, the Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival has been sponsored by the Cherokee, Delaware, and Osage tribes of Indians. Those three Indian tribes located in the Green Country, Oklahoma, have played a significant role in the Bartlesville area.

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Oklahoma Indian Summer is possible due largely to great donors like:

Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Casino Ramona


Phillips 66