Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival

September 17-20, 2015

Upcoming Events

2015 Fashion Show 8.5x11

Mission Statement

The purpose of Oklahoma Indian Summer, Inc. is to sponsor, coordinate and present traditional Native American cultural public events for the benefit of community education, cultural preservation and the development of positive multicultural community relations.

Additionally, Oklahoma Indian Summer, Inc. is further committed to sponsoring higher-education opportunities for Native American students. In particular Oklahoma Indian Summer, Inc. shall continue to sponsor and coordinate the annual Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival traditionally held in the city of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The goal of the Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival is to provide a free public  festival showcasing Native American art, dance, demonstrations, workshops and interactions intended to encourage the participation of all cultures and bridge the cultural divide.


As an Intertribal festival, Oklahoma Indian Summer welcomes each of the more than 28 federally recognized nations, tribes, bands and townships headquartered in the state of Oklahoma. Since 1988, the Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival has been sponsored by the Cherokee, Delaware and Osage tribes of Indians. Those three Indian tribes located in Green Country, Oklahoma, have played a significant role in the Bartlesville area.

The Cherokee once occupied the entire Southwest Allegheny mountain region of Virginia, the Carolinas, parts of Tennessee, northern Georgia and northeastern Alabama. Eventually, Cherokee leaders chose to adopt the ways of the white man, accepting whites into their society through intermarriage. The Cherokee developed industries and prospered. In the late 18th century, Sequoyah devoted himself to creating the Cherokee alphabet. With it, the Cherokees had a written form of communication, which led to greater prosperity and sophistication. It was also during this era that the tribe formed the Cherokee National Council. Learn More


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